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We're an Executive Assistant Agency that matches world-class individuals with Founders at leading US Companies

Assistant Launch stands out due to its competitive salary, hands-on team, and dedicated founder, Ryan. The EA and client pairing is tailored to the skills and capabilities of each EA, making for a more effective and fulfilling work experience.

- Cammy, an EA on our team for over 4 years

Working as an EA at Assistant Launch has been a career game-changer for me. I've been with the company for over 2 years and it's given me firsthand experience in high-level operations, polished my communication skills through daily interactions with executives, and honed my knack for problem-solving.

- Dee, an EA on our team for over 2 years

Assistant Launch's management team has been instrumental in my success. They are incredibly approachable and always willing to invest time in my professional development. Their guidance has helped me tackle new challenges with confidence, and their recognition of my accomplishments has been incredibly motivating.

- Zyrah, an EA on our team for almost a year

Even though I have only been with Assistant Launch for three weeks, their support has been incredibly impactful. The management team is open to feedback and strives to create a win-win situation for everyone. They ensure that workloads are manageable and regularly check in with employees. Initially, I felt overwhelmed during my first two days, but their support helped me adjust quickly. Now, I am confident in my work and my interactions with clients, thanks to their guidance and encouragement.

- Danica, Recently Joined the Team

I've had the chance to work closely with my current client who is a Doctor/CEO, supporting her with everything from scheduling and travel planning to research projects and presentations. This exposure to the inner workings of a fast-growing startup has been invaluable.

- Jeff, Recently Joined the Team

The management has always been flexible to my needs and also my client. Hence a perfect work dynamic between stakeholders and EA.

- Janine, an EA on our team for over 3 years

What makes Assistant Launch Any different?

We are not your typical recruitment "agency". And certainly not like the others you may be considering.

We are a boutique firm that values people over numbers. We believe in tapping into your zone of genius and aligning you with opportunities that allow for a thriving STABLE career, not just a job or gig.

We provide competitive salaries, instead of "hourly payments", and many of our EAs have been with us since Day 1.

On top of this, our leadership team is growth-minded, supportive, and encourages continuous learning and up-skilling.

With a Philippines-based local team, we understand and celebrate the Filipino culture, providing support where you need it.

At Assistant Launch, you're never alone.

Plus, the things that matter.

Salary Payment Model
Consistent payment week over week through a salary model, and not an hourly model.
Competitive Pay & Fun Bonuses
45,000 - 50,000+ PHP per month, plus fun bonuses and performance recognition
Remote & Flexible
Forget traffic, forget the stress and get to work from the comfort of your home.
Career Development
Continued learning and growth opportunities to help you advance your career.
Work-life balance, consistent schedules, positive environment, and clear expectations.
Enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan that supports your health and well-being!

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