What we do

At Assistant Launch, we empower busy Founders like you with top-tier Executive Assistants (EAs).

What We Do

We help founders never think about admin in their personal and business lives again with trained, custom-paired Executive Assistants & world-class support.

Our team manages your email mess, optimizes your calendars, streamlines your systems, and gives you back what matters most: Your Time.

What makes us different? Our process is highly customized to you, how you use your time, and what you love to do. We're not a 'VA' Company.

We pair our clients with EAs who are AI-trained, dedicated, and love to solve problems.

In the process, we free up to 25 hours of your week, allowing you to focus on what you do best - leading and growing your business.

You might be thinking... what does Life with an Executive Assistant Look like? 

Before the morning coffee hits your lips, your EA is already sifting through the avalanche of emails that came in overnight. Only the ones truly requiring your attention remain. The rest? He/She is working to respond to or file them accordingly and clear the clutter.

There's a daily briefing waiting for you in your Slack Channel or email - a neat summary of the day ahead and the tasks they're prioritizing as well as the stuff you need to remember. You might hop on a quick call to touch base and catch any curveballs the day might throw.

You will feel more consistent. Your schedule is more streamlined. The right meetings happen and the not-so-right ones don't.

Your day is optimized, leaving you space to breathe and focus on the big picture. Running a little late for a meeting? No worries. A quick text to your EA and they'll handle any rescheduling or time adjustments needed.

Your EA doesn't stop at just managing your professional life. They're also there for the personal touches that can fall by the wayside during busy weeks. Remembering a special anniversary gift for your partner? Ordering that stuff on Amazon? Already taken care of.

Your EA has researched and shortlisted options for the perfect date night - all you have to do is make the final decision.

The truth is, this only scratches the surface of what an EA does in a day. They're there to be your right-hand person, handling tasks big and small.

Work Related Tasks

Our Executive Assistants are trained to help get you out of the weeds in your business so you can focus on what you're best at and drive growth. Here are a few things we regularly take off our clients' plates.

Inbox Management

Create filters, rules, tags, etc. And answer any non-essential emails.

Send a TL;DR on certain emails and alerts for the important ones.

Use templates and rules for customer service inquiries.


Gather qualitative data on technology.

Locate networking events.

Create dossiers for new contacts/clients.

Research new trends and potential articles, blogs, or social media posting ideas.

Manage Scheduling & Calendaring

Correspond with co-workers to set up weekly meetings.

Set up an end-of-day document for tomorrow’s meetings, complete with dossiers.

Alert you to important events that are coming up and any related action items.

Social Media Management & Logistics

Manage your social media posting calendars.

Write drafts and post across your different social platforms.

Manage your LinkedIn life event admin.

Manage the admin work behind getting your podcast out there.

Assist with Kickstarter/Fundable campaigns.

Travel Coordination

Flight planning.

Research new restaurants for taking clients.

Build an itinerary for an upcoming trip.

Accommodation research and reservation.

Car rental research and reservations.

Data Collection/Management

Organize details of contacts.

Sort and chart CRM data. CRM Management.

Track and graph purchases from a website.

Database maintenance.

Personal Tasks

Set-up Appointments

Set up recurring appointments with your hair stylist, chiropractor, trainer, etc.

Find doctors/dentists in your network and book appointments.

Find activities for your kids and keep their schedule current.

Manage Household Tasks

Meal planning.

Schedule home cleaners or maintenance jobs.

Pay bills & organize receipts.

Make Purchases

Research and buy gifts for your friends and family during the holiday season.

Have your meals and/or groceries bought and delivered.

Compare and purchase any item (ex: running shoes, refrigerators, vehicles)

Plan Events

Locate the venue for your wedding or upcoming birthday party.

Coordinate with vendors for family reunions.

Send updates via social media.

Tools our EAs Support Include

How we do it

Discover & Align

Start with a discovery call to ensure we're the right fit and we can truly boost your productivity.

"Seal the Deal"

Subscribe to begin your journey towards enhanced efficiency.

Strategic Onboarding

Dive deep with us in our custom-developed process to understand your time management, tasks, and priorities.

Perfect Pairing

Meet your assistant and embark on your journey to a more organized, less stressed life.

Ongoing Optimization

Regular support, feedback sessions, and brainstorming for continuous improvement and maximum productivity.

Our Plans

Ranging from the busy professional to CEO, each of our plans are designed to reclaim precious hours each week to allow you to live the fullest life possible.


For the professional – the person that has one or two small projects per week to hand off and looking to free up a few hours of spare time.


For the individual or team looking for max ROI to grow and grow fast – they know there’s an opportunity to create more time to focus on growth, but don’t know how.


For the startup, founder, owner, or executive who juggles it all. Everything you could need, removed and out of focus so you can do what you do best.

Get your Free Custom Delegation Roadmap

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ranging from the busy professional to CEO, each of our plans are designed to reclaim precious hours each week to allow you to live the fullest life possible.

Why an Executive Assistant and not a Virtual Assistant?

Your dedicated Executive Assistant will grow to know you, your work, and your preferences—all while learning to anticipate your needs without you having to repeat yourself. More than an assistant, you will be working with problem solvers who will become your new right hand. With a Virtual Assistant, you would work on a one-to-one basis, continually submitting tasks directly to this person.

What does Onboarding look like and how long will it take?

The first step in the Onboarding Process is to jump on the Onboarding Call, we will dive deep into your needs, your preferences, and your style. Using the information from the Onboarding Call, we will kick off our pairing process, and you can expect to hear back from us in 72 hours with a pairing decision. Then, it is just a matter of scheduling your introduction call, where we will get things going and make sure that everything is set for success.

From the moment you sign up, to your kick-off day, you can expect for the process to take 15 days or less.

Does my EA work with other clients?

No, your Executive Assistant is fully dedicated to supporting you. A 1:1 relationship enables your EA to better understand what you do, and how you do it, and take care of issues before you even know about them.

Pricing and Payment Terms

Part-time: Your EA works 25 hours per week (100 hours per month) for $1,500 per month.

Full-time: Your EA works 40 hours per week (160 hours per month) for $2,400 per month.

All the following are included for both of our plans:

- Fully managed Executive Assistance, no admin hassle
- Custom onboarding and pairing based on your needs
- Personal support from your assistant
- Continued education for your Executive Assistant
- Brainstorming sessions to help you save more time
- Monthly feedback requests from our team and a direct extraordinary feedback channel
- Full-time customer support and a dedicated success manager

Why hire through Assistant Launch vs Hiring an Executive Assistant on my own?

At Assistant Launch, we hire only the top 1% out of every thousand applicants. Our custom hiring process enables us to hire experienced, skill full, fast-learning individuals who we know can add value to our clients from day 1. Each of our Executive Assistants is trained to leverage the power of AI to multiply their output and to implement good practices from years of experience providing the highest quality support through Executive Assistance.

We fully manage your Executive Assistant, so all you have to do is point them in the right direction and take ownership of your time.

What's expected from my end?

We take all the steps to make the onboarding process as smooth and efficient as it can be, but it is still recommended to plan on having at least an hour of daily availability to work with your EA during the first 2 weeks of your pairing.

As a good practice before kick-off day, it is recommended to put together a list of the tools that your Executive Assistant will need to have access to, as well as any resources you would like for him/her to review during their first day/few days on the job. For day 1, a kick-off meeting a the beginning of the day is ideal.

Can I share my EA with my executive team and or business partner?

Depending on the plan that you choose, you might be able to share your Executive Assistant with another important person in your life (Spouse, Business Partner, etc)

With our part-time plan, your EA will occasionally support colleagues and loved ones (organizing a team offsite or family trip), but you are their one-and-only delegator.

With our full-time plan, there can be up to two consistent delegators who can work directly with your Executive Assistant.

How do you ensure security, privacy and confidentiality?

At Assistant Launch we take security, privacy, and confidentiality very seriously. We are proud to say that since we started, we have never experienced a negative event around this area. Nonetheless, we are consistently investing and making sure that we and our clients are protected. What we do includes, but it is not limited to:

- Our EAs have what's called an NBI clearance, which is a type of background check.
- All of our EAs are required to sign Confidentiality and Nondisclosure agreements.
- We have multiple insurance policies in place.